Save Zuegma Project Update

Thursday, January 22, 2009

This may come across as an overshare but I do believe that for all the ruckus I am creating in SL I need to provide information about how much money is needed, how much money has been collected and where we are going with this.

Here's the story:
Zeug had to pay $590 to get the island back to good in the books. This happened two weeks ago. I paid him $300 of this fee already. We have filed a ticket to have the Zeugma island transfered over to me. So in terms of the future of Zeugma things are looking a lot more certain.

As for my financial future things are not AS certain.

I have already found a buyer for my other island and filed the tickets and everything but Linden Lab takes care of these matters at the pace of a glacier. I called them up and they refused to address my case before it comes up in the queue and the queue is still processing tickets from the 9th. Not comforting.

So, I am looking at pretty much paying $600 for two islands on the 27th of this month. I will also pay $200 for the two island transfer fees.

The sale of my MHS island is bringing me $500 including the transfer fee so this is some help.

Through the fundraising efforts I have been able to raise a little over $400 and I am grateful for this amount. As of now I am looking at paying a little over $500 out of pocket.

I would sleep a little better if it was possible to bring this number down to $250.

This is where you all come in. Please spread the word that we are looking for more donations. You do not have to donate huge amounts of lindens, every little bit helps.

Please browse both the store on Zeugma, the items in the Odaesan House itself, and the store and prefabs on Mission Home Store Sim and see if anything tempts you. Remember it is for a good cause.

I am also accepting cash donations in the amount of $100 for becoming a member of a new exclusive group: Mission Home Store VIP. The membership of this group requires a one time donation of $100. Members will have access to copy enabled versions of everything I make including the prefabs -- FREE.

I will talk more about this new exciting group tomorrow. However I AM accepting donations at this time, your name will be added to the list as soon as I create the group.

If you would like to paypal money to me, pls e mail me at steelskyblue AT gmail DOT com for directions.

These past two weeks have been a wild emotional roller coaster of serious financial troubles and great support from friends and fans. I truly, TRULY appreciate all the support I have received. I will not forget this.

Thank you. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Yours Truly,