Cyber Bullied

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I have been the target of a vicious cyber bully famous for her ornate lengthy posts about fake-crises most of which revolve around how she is tormented in SL. This person has had an axe to grind since I posted some tongue in cheek rebuttals on a now discontinued online forum about SL.

I just would like to say that anything you may have read about me on this person's awful blog is just a fabrication of her disturbed and sick mind. There little if any connection with real facts and that was just last year's posts.

Furthermore this year, she has moved on to claiming that I attacked her estate and caused her sims damage etc. I do not have time to go and set some time aside to create an alt account and spend hours ruining the landscape of her already awful looking sims terraforming them beyond recognition. She has gone too far in this latest bout of drama and pulled in my real life info from google, and reported me to Linden Labs as an attacker.

I have reported her to Linden Lab as a cyber bully, a perpetrator of drama and lies and worse a person who divulges real life info about SL avatars -- a crime punished severely by LL in most cases -- except hers. I also have a cease and desist letter ready for her next attack and am in touch with attorneys in her state to serve her in her own state as well as my own. I have contacted the company that hosts her blog and Linden Lab informing them of my intention to serve them both for hosting content that's disparaging to my person and invading my privacy online. So all the weapons have been drawn, I just do not wish to fire them as I feel getting into a legal battle is exactly what this attention whore of a person would love to have -- I can see the blog posts already.

This person's so called estate -- an amalgam of ugly shaped plots with buildings and "landscaping" dating back to 2006 is an eye sore for the mainland and has maintained its status as such since its founding. Her estate requires no giefer attack to look like it's been griefed, it's already abhorrent looking and an opportunity for innocent passersby to experience the wonderful Sudden SL Blindness Syndrome, luckily curable by some offline time and rest.

This blogger is the closest thing we have to a cyber bully in SL and it boggles my mind that Linden Lab has continued to enable this sick disturbed and certifiable person who has poisoned anything and everything that has had the misfortune of falling into her radar. She has written reams of bad publicity generating material that makes SL look like a joke online to all that may stumble upon her well indexed pages from google.

This blogger is one of the biggest liabilities SL has had. Furthermore although I admit she has been to some degree brutalized and attacked regularly, her fate has been a result of her own behavior in SL towards others. More than likely if you hate everything and everyone, twist the truth, lie, use demagogy and persistence and length monologues to claim you win arguments by bullying people online -- you will find yourself hated, marginalized, ignored or worse attacked and pestered by those who have nothing better to do. Everything she has suffered from in SL is a direct response to the awful person she is and has been to SL and everyone in it.

After 7 years in SL, I must admit, the only way I can explain to myself why this ugly person with an uglier heart has continued to exist in SL despite all the shit she has pulled is that she must have a relative at LL or worse she must have something that could expose Linden Lab in a very unfavorable way. I can not imagine why else this person would still be allowed to have a membership.

While I wish her much healing and wish that she finds peace, I have the feeling she never will until her last breath. I just wish she can find her heart first in her body, and then find in that tiny heart to avoid writing slurs and ugly prose about me and my creations until her last breath.

That's all I have to say...

Finally some references:

Mesh is here, New Light & Shadows are here!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
We should expect to see a major overhaul of merchandise in SL in the next year or so as the arrival of mesh will no doubt prompt content creators to revisit old creations and revamp them.

Much of the light fixtures etc will also require a redo as the new light and shadow settings set the lights as much brighter than the legacy engine that was only able to render so many lights at a time. I am not sure if the light & shadow code is settled enough to start making the alterations. I went ahead and dulled down some of my "too bright" lights just in case. Redoing the light fixtures was easy as I simply edited the scripts inside them.

Redoing prim items as mesh will be a much longer, much more laborious process and will require me to learn a whole bunch of new skills.

I used sculpts in my furniture due to market pressure but I made few sculpts and bought most of the sculpts I used. I was never happy with the sculpts however as they performed terribly with LOD (level of detail) settings.

TXSTATE OpenSim Virtual Campus Opening Soon

Monday, February 21, 2011
This is what I have been working on for the last couple of months: A new version of the old TXSTATE Bobcat Village campus in SL built in opensim on our own grid at TXSTATE.

The challenge really has been downloading all the buildings despite all the insane TOS requirements that ruined such great apps as Second Inventory.

The hurdles I speak of are:

  • Huge Prims: Creator name does not match mine, and the new TOS forbids the download of blended creator objects.
  • Sculpt Textures: Depending on the whims of the download software these too can be a problem as I did not create them and that makes the object a blended creator object.
  • Door / Window / Sit Scripts: Paskis Doors and Windows and Piero Padar's Perfect sitter are scripts I use every day to make my SL easier as a content creator. Who would have thought that relying on the smarts of these two great coders would come back and bite me in the you know where down the line. Any item that has these scripts needs to be first stripped off of scripts, exported, imported and somehow scripted from scratch using my own scripts or some open source scripts I found on the net.
  • Animations: As I do not create any animations, all the animations I used in my chairs are not impossible to download and re-use.

Don't get me wrong, the things I am trying to download, I own full permission to. I guess the full permission only covers the grid they're in and nothing beyond.

I wish there was a way to invite these builders to the grid we are working on so that they can come in under their own name, be paid, and make their scripts and assets so that their work can keep serving the public.

Clearly TXSTATE grid will not be in the business of selling furniture, but it would be nice if our furniture could have the nice animations my SL furniture has.

In terms of tools I used to export things: I used Second Inventory heavily but it was klugedy to go back and forth between the SL client and SI interfaces. Imprudence offers a much better export function however I noticed that it does a VERY sloppy job of exporting textures --- even those I made myself.

I honestly think LL came up with this new TOS edit just to sabotage the steady migration of SL generated content to other opensim based grids.

But either way, difficult or not, it is happening and here are some snapshots to prove it: