Save Zeugma Party Monday the 19th 7pm SL time

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Zeug Thalheimer is leaving SL or at the very least will no longer be the owner of Zeugma. As I already have an estate I am looking for options to save the famous Odaesan House that resides on Zeugma.

In the short run, I am planning to move the store back to Zeugma and get rid of one of the sims or convert it to openspace.

But as you know changing island ownerships names and such all cost good money and I am already strapped for cash with my Mission Home Store sim.

I want to do a benefit event January 19th Monday 7pm SL time on Zeugma for all of those that want to visit and walk through the house with me and have questions answered. I ask that all visitors contribute at least a minimal donation to the house fund when they visit the house during the next week. All proceeds will go towards renaming the sim and the ownership change expenses charged by Linden Lab.

I may also entertain renting land out to businesses and / or residents who want to live on Zeugma. Please send me an e mail at if you're interested in renting land on Zeugma for a store or residence. For those that want to live on Zeugma, I can provide one of my prefab houses for free if you like.

So at this point, I am looking at what my options are. If you have any ideas that you think might help me please let me know.

Let's save Zeugma, let's save this beautiful sim.

Thanks for your support.