The Taurus Prefab Re-Released

Thursday, March 12, 2009

As some of you know, I used to have a prefab named Prefab #2. While people liked the style, many did not like the prim count, and the name. Well I reworked the prefab a little bit to bring down the prim count, and have re-released is as "The Taurus Prefab".

Prim Allocation

The package contains two different versions:
  • A low prim version: Only 264 Prims
  • A full version: 320 Prims with new additional detailing
Both versions make use of huge prims by Research Project to pair down the number of prims while improving the performance of your SL client by reducing the data that needs to be transfered and processed to display the house.

Additional Perks
The house comes with additional yard walls, platforms, lighting sconces for interiors/exteriors, FLW planters amongst many other mod/copy goodies I included in the package.

Style Comes First

I made absolutely no sacrifices during the rebuild of the house. If anything buyers will notice that the house now comes with an attractive ornament / Chimney. All the previous detailing has been further dialed in and refined. I double checked all textures, re-applied all scripts and tested everything for optimal performance.

Visit The Taurus Prefab In-World

Troy Vogel Guarantee
As always, this build comes with the legendary Troy Vogel guarantee. I stand behind my products and claim that you will be hard pressed to find any work in a similar style that's as refined, thought-out, and well-executed as my builds.

Despite my best efforts from time to time, things may get overlooked and a bug may slip into a product. It is unlikely but still remains a possibility. In this case, I want you to know that you can always send me a notecard with your complaint and I will send you a response within 24 hours.

Time to Live Well
No matter what your needs, I am sure there's a Troy Vogel prefab that will suit your needs and resources. So why not make the Troy Vogel Prefab your next dream home? Buy one today and your dream will become a reality.

How to Buy
Buy The Taurus Prefab directly from Mission Home Store Island (Second Life Client)
Buy The Taurus Prefab from (web)