The Little Prince Prefab Released

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Little Prince Prefab has all the charm of any other Troy Vogel build but features a restrained prim count of 110 prims only for a 20x10meters two storey structure that can fit on most starter lots.

The front entrance has two smooth sliding doors. I provided built in teleport scripts for use to reach the upper floor. As always I used Paskis window and door scripts -- one of the very best service script sets in SL.

The rezzor box is my favorite Jack in the Box rezzor.

The house arrived nicely packaged in its own folder with instructions and extra freebies such as custom wall sconces I built for this house. The permissions is set to Mod / Copy.

All of this for the incredible price of L$250. Come and get your own copy and start enjoying the Troy Vogel lifestyle no matter how small your land holdings....

To see / buy this prefab in-world, please teleport to:

You can buy this prefab also from
Little Prince Prefab on XSTREET