Sculpty Bow Arm Chairs Now Available

Friday, March 27, 2009

I finally broke down and converted the Stickley replica Bow Arm Chairs to a sculpty version. The conversion was quite conservative. I probably could whittle off more prims if I were to build this from scratch in Blender but even with this version I was able to save total of 7 prims per chair. So the prim count went down from 31 to 24.

Plus to sweeten the deal the new chair comes with multisitter poseball-less sit scripts that allowed me to pack in a total of whopping 6 six animations. The sit script allows multiple avatars to adjust the sit position and stores up to 100 users.

Come and pick up one of these updated chairs today.

I will be revisiting and revising several of my seating options in the next couple of weeks to bring better prim economy and better seating options AND a few surprises.... but you will have to wait for those. ;-)