Buyers FYI: Known Permissions Bug

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
I have been notified by a buyer that one of my builds, the Mini Belletris, is exhibiting a strange behavior where although the structure is set to mod/copy permissions, when you select a single prim from the linked set and unlink and delete, the rest of the object becomes no mod, no copy, no trans.

TRANSLATION: For those not familiar with all this jargon, if you delete a part of the structure, the rest of it becomes uneditable.

Diagnosis: This is not a problem unique to my creation. It has been documented in the JIRA bug tracking system for Second Life. It is a problem with Second Life. Here's the link to the bug in the JIRA bugbase:

As you can see Linden Lab does not consider this to be a high priority item... so please vote this item to get it more exposure and get it fixed before more items get this bug.

I am not 100% sure but I think this bug spreads by cloning objects from one build to another which is let's face it how most of us content builders work. Content creators, be careful while working on new builds.

To test if a build of yours has this bug or not do the following: (this is an object you created from scratch)

  1. Make a back up first
  2. Set the permissions on the linked object to Mod / Copy / no Trans
  3. Set the object to sell -- set it to sell as original (it does not really matter if it is original, copy or content for this bug)
  4. Buy the object
  5. Now select one of the prims on the object using "edit linked parts"
  6. Unlink this part off of the linked set
  7. Delete the single prim you just unlinked
  8. Select the Linked Object
  9. Check the permissions under the General tab
  10. If all permissions are now grayed out yes your object is affected by the bug. Read below for possible fixes.

Fix: For those of you that have already bought the Mini Belletris, as long as you don't try to remove parts of the structure you will have no problems with it. If you want to change the structure -- try doing it without deleting any of the objects.

In the meantime I am working to re-build the Mini Belletris from scratch, unfortunately the only fix available is this one at this time.

I have tried unlinking, duplicating and other operations with little or no success. I am still looking for remedies that do not involve complete reconstruction.

More than likely new builds you create scratch will not have this problem. I have tried to create the bug using brand new plywood cubes and could not replicate the behavior.

I will send out a notice when the fix is in place.

Thanks for your patience.