Mesh is here, New Light & Shadows are here!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
We should expect to see a major overhaul of merchandise in SL in the next year or so as the arrival of mesh will no doubt prompt content creators to revisit old creations and revamp them.

Much of the light fixtures etc will also require a redo as the new light and shadow settings set the lights as much brighter than the legacy engine that was only able to render so many lights at a time. I am not sure if the light & shadow code is settled enough to start making the alterations. I went ahead and dulled down some of my "too bright" lights just in case. Redoing the light fixtures was easy as I simply edited the scripts inside them.

Redoing prim items as mesh will be a much longer, much more laborious process and will require me to learn a whole bunch of new skills.

I used sculpts in my furniture due to market pressure but I made few sculpts and bought most of the sculpts I used. I was never happy with the sculpts however as they performed terribly with LOD (level of detail) settings.