New Location and New Lease on Second Life

Thursday, February 11, 2010
I have been to hell and back in terms of my store and my island in the last 4-6 weeks. I went through a phase when I planned to derez everything, pack it up and sell my island. Then I decided to downgrade to homestead only to find out that Linden Lab does not allow people to own JUST a homestead, you have to at least own a full island. I thought about joining another estate and renting land from them.

I almost joined the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum estate but could not work the details about accounting and branding.

I finally changed my mind thanks in part to what seems to renewed interest in SL for my work. I have had so many visits from brand new customers in the past couple of weeks that I decided maybe SL is not quite done with me just yet -- maybe the new styles I am trying ARE starting to garner interest.

This is why I have kept my island and started to build it back out again.

I am still looking for a good few folks who wouldn't mind renting a model home from me or a store on my sim to provide some financial continuity to the fluctuations of a typical furniture business.

Also I have finally decided to join where I honestly belonged from the get-go: Costa Del Mar estate. I will be a part of their commercial / shopping district within a couple of days as soon as LL processes the region change order.

Once this change period is behind us I am planning on building new prefabs and a whole bunch of new furniture for all my fans to enjoy.

I want to thank all the people who visited my store and all the wonderful comments sent to me encouraging me and supporting me.

Your support and continued patronage make my SL worthwhile.

Thank you.