New Store Layout & New Products

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am having to downgrade to a homestead sim due to troubled finances in Second Life. But do not let this despair anyone. I am still here with the best of my offerings still available for purchase.

I completely redid the store and the interior layout. I believe most of you are going to like it as it has so much more negative space that helps highlight the goods. With the addition of new products the old store had become quite crowded. The new store is a move in the right direction.

I have designed a set of lawn/patio chairs. Come by and check them out. I am also in the process of revisiting and creating new light fixtures. I expect that sometime very soon I will have a store dedicated to Troy Vogel Design Lighting Fixtures.

Sometimes you have to take a step back before knowing where to go next. Consider my current move as such. I am very much dedicated to SL and my clientele in SL. I am doing my best to be here for you, create new items for you, and meet your in world needs.

I depend on your purchases, suggestions, and patronage to continue my existence in SL. Your loyalty and continued patronage ensures that a high quality and high value shop like my continues in existence in SL offering residents the best in style, design and value.

Please keep Mission Home Store in mind in this brand new year of 2010.