FLW Museum: Craftsman Build Off Winners announced

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This was quite an exciting weekend. Pro and novice builders duked it out on the Usonia sim building their best interpretations of craftsman homes competing for the first place.

There was also a staff category that was not considered for prizes but added great visual interest as well as camaraderie to the weekend's flair.

Each of the pro and novice categories had 10 contestants. I think everyone did a great job overall and put in a bunch of honest hours and hard work into their creations. I take my hat off to all the contestants for participating in this tough contest.

Here are the results of the competition from Barbara Collazo's report:
For the Peoples' Choice awards, I'm pleased to say that every builder got some votes. I wish you all could have seen some of the comments that came with the votes while you were building; there were a lot of encouraging words along with the voting. We had at least two builders for whom this was their first house.

Among the novices, there was nearly a three-way tie, but Sierra MacIntyre turned out to be the favorite.
Among the pros, some of you seem to have fan clubs. Apollo Reinard was the clear winner.

The judges scored contestants in five categories. Each judge had a maximum of 100 points to award, so a perfect score would be 400. They also provided a written critique that will be given to each contestant.

The objective judging categories were:
  • Theme match
  • Wise use of prims
  • Texturing
  • Cleanliness of build
  • Overall aesthetics

Overall, the novices scored a bit higher than the pros!

In the novice category, the winners are: (400 total points possible)

  • 3rd place, with 268 points, Novice Entry #5: Sandi Glas

  • 2nd place, with 273 points, Novice Entry #1: Deshar Au

  • 1st place, with 325 points, Novice Entry #4: Jadyn Firehawk

In the pro category:

  • 3rd place, with 301 points, Pro Entry #4: Levi Ewing

  • 2nd place, with 311 points, Pro Entry #8: Granelda Oh

  • 1st place, 319 points, Pro Entry #3: Corri Dawodu

In the staff category my favorite was Terra Tepper's house, Staff Entry #3.

Below are some pictures I took of the winners:

Pro Builder Winner: Corri Dawodu's Craftsman House

Novice Builder Winner: Jaydn Firehawk

Terra Tepper's Delicious Staff Buildoff Entry

To see the rest of the entries please teleport to: