Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Following is my latest comment post to the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum announcement blog entry on the Linden Blogs -- the one that got irrevocably trolled by Porokofy Neva -- everyone's favorite hypocrite and grinch. I wanted to set the record straight one last time -- not that it will change anything for Prok but I had neglected to look at this thread since the early days because it infuriated me so much when it first started to unfold. Now that some time has passed by, I find it easier to talk about it in a calm manner:

Here's the original Frank Lloyd Wright Post on the Linden Blog

Not that this will stop anything but I refused to read this thread in full until today because it is just so off kilter, so twisted, so upsetting and so inaccurate one does not know where to begin.

But since we have more than heard Prok's point of view in what seems like Homer's Iliad, I find it is necessary for me to spend the time and the extra paragraphs and put my view in full:

I am five years old in SL. Since day one I wanted to build, I wanted to create. I have rezzed my heart out since 2005. I have built things that reminded me of home as I live away from home. I built houses in the style of those in my home town, I built replicas of a few pieces I own in RL and changed them for SL and made the design my own. I built hundreds of pieces of furniture that simply do not exist in RL. Most of what I sell in my store not only represents one of the best set of resident created furniture in SL but it's a set of all original items that simply do not exist in any shape or form in RL. With this said, none of us can claim to have invented the chair, the table, the spindle bed or the sleigh bed, the console table, the bedside stand. These pieces have been in their skeletal forms been with us for centuries if not thousands of years.

Most of my seating items such as the bow arm chairs, the couches, the prairie chairs and couches have each taken up to 8 hours of rezzing and texturing time plus countless hours for the upholstery scripts, hunting for the right animations, the right sit script, research development and later testing and customer support. I sell each of these seating items for a little over 1 US dollar each at my store -- hardly a compensation for my work. Many other pieces have taken several hours. Some of my prefabs take up to a couple of months to build. All of my prefabs are original designs, their look and feel and interior plan and textures used etc are all original and my own. If you can find my prefabs in RL please let me know I have an award with your name on it.

I am a humble individual who would bury himself first before taking credit for his work. All of my customers and friends know this about me. I spend most of my time in SL hiding from people and working silently in my corner of the world, the Mission Home Store island. I love rezzing things, I love that people like my work and from time to time buy a few items.

I do not make any money from SL. I give Lindens full authorization in this post to make my finances in SL public for all to see. I have nothing to hide. I pay for my only island out of pocket most months and if I am lucky I make half my island fees -- roughly 150 US dollars per month which is taken away from me by LL and I get charged an additional 150 dollars on my card.

My participation in the FLW Museum projects was a jest of friendship and support. Everyone on the staff of this museum knows that while the style of my builds are mistaken for FLW often, I actually am building in the style of Ottoman Residential Architecture. I am more than thankful for the fans and friends I made from the FLW community. It is such a compliment to be even remotely compared to FLW.

My store in the FLW sim has not made any sales that I am aware of, it is there as a showcase and favor to Frey -- who personally invited me despite my own reservations. The art glass items in the store are my own hand drawn art in the spirit of FLW but not exact copies of any of his art glass. Each panel took about 4-8 hours of vector drawing in Flash and later compression in Photoshop for SL.

I love being a part of the FLW Museum project and see its potential value for SL residents. I would like to continue being a part of this project. And no amount of speculation or accusatory statements from marginal self-claimed experts in SL is going to stop us from what we love doing.

How many content creators have to leave SL before LL stops these parties who sabotage our fickle, financially cash negative businesses into complete oblivion? And oh BTW, I am not going anywhere. I can pay my island fees until kingdom come. So don't get excited.

Where does it stop? What is the price of freedom of expression?

I suggest LL think long and hard on this point.

Finally it is astounding to me that anyone in SL, save the Lindens, could have the audacity to adopt a tone that demands information from anyone else like they're under investigation for a crime. I love that SL is so many things to so many people but apparently it also gives a sense of worth that's much higher than what's warranted to some. This is troubling I find.

Thanks for listening

Troy Vogel


Chris Childs said...

Prokofy is as far as I'm concerned, autistic. She seems to have no concept of how to deal with people in any kind of reasonable fashion without provoking them to anger.

In reading her blog, she does sometimes have valid points to make, and then veers off onto this pseudo conspiracy theory and starts insulting everyone who disagrees with her in the slightest way.

She angered me last week by attacking my religion (and the religion of most of the US founding fathers). I thought about following it up, but I wouldn't win, not because my arguements would be lacking, but because I can't bring myself to be nearly as insulting as she is.