Petit Trianon Revisited Prefab Almost Ready!

Friday, August 28, 2009
Petit Trianon Revisited Prefab

I have been secretly working on a new prefab. Well actually it was no secret, it was set right there out in the open on my sim. I do not believe in working on something non-stop and finishing it in one sitting. The process of creation is a very intermittent and interrupted process for me that requires much patience for any client that dares to get attached to anything I am building before it's finished. This is why I usually hide my new projects because I never know when they will be done.

Well Petit Trianon is almost a year old. I have set it aside for quite some time because I was somewhat disappointed with the french doors for which I had to use sculpted maps. Level of Detail settings in SL still leave much to be desired when it comes to how they handle sculpties from a distance. It is one thing to remove vertices from a bligtard's 255 prim hair piece, it is completely something else to have melting french windows on a French mansion. I wish SL could know the difference...

The house looks very close to the original on the outside though I have made several modernizations in finishing and details. The style comes across more as a neoclassical or perhaps even post modern architecture. This is intentional. I did not want to create a verbatim replica, I wanted to add some of myself into it.

The interior starts off with the basic floor plan on the lower level that is quite close to the original and then rapidly departs in another direction by placing the staircase in the middle and joining some rooms together. Small rooms in SL are useless. There's no two ways about it. When you create a replica of a building in SL, you have to enlarge the rooms.

A Petit Trianon in SL does not need extra bathrooms, guest rooms, servant staircases and quarters etc. Most prefabs in SL need, a living area, a second living area, a bathroom, and a bedroom. If you ask me, the list would even be shorter -- one living area -- hernce my Belletris Prefab. But a traditional looking structure requires a more traditional layout on the interior as well. So I played along and made the interior of Petit Trianon Revisited as traditional as possible: Entry hallway, library, kitchen, service entrance, downstairs living room, upstairs game room, upstairs bathroom, master bedroom, and the central staircase.

I am still working on the prefab finalizing details, fixing textures, ironing out wrinkles but I must say I am very close to being done with it. I wanted to share this story with you all and post some pictures before the big announcement goes out in a couple of weeks.

Hope you like it.