MHS Booth @ Home and Garden Expo 2013 in Second Life

Friday, May 24, 2013
Home and Garden Expo in Second Life that benefits Relay for Life for American Cancer Socienty has opened its door today on April 24th 2013!.

Please visit the expo, explore, shop and donate. It is all for a great cause!

This year I wanted to participate but did not want to phrase my participating in the form of a store or sales booth. Instead I created a conceptual build. This is my own personal choice and no better than what others did with their lots. At the Expo we all do our thing and enjoy sharing and working for a good cause.

My building is called Post-Architecture. I tried to envision what might happen to architecture if we no longer needed shelter, we no longer needed the typical rooms in our homes (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc.), in a world where gravity did not really pull objects down, a life where people could fly and never slept or exercised. When architecture loses all the functions it serves, what does it become? A vanity? A whim? Or perhaps an entity that never materializes or takes solid concrete shape...

In a way, I wanted to communicate that perhaps the building would be stuck in a state of flux between the blueprint and the reality -- it would perhaps fold in on itself like an accordion. Or perhaps build and rebuild itself creating wrinkles and folds.

The concept is undoubtedly influenced by some of the ideas of Jorn Utson, the architect of the Sydney Opera House and Lebbeus Wood whose work I first encountered as a teen and to this stay plays a strong influence in my artwork. I also wanted to depart from my usual very traditional style builds and explore and share the results.

In the midst of my excitement to do something new, I forgot that our theme this year was Greek Villages from the Mediterranean. When it came time to install my booth, I felt it was my duty to tie my area to the rest of the theme. So you will notice a little Greek neighborhood and a little outside living area as a part of my build. In the end I think it all fit well together.

Please visit the Home Expo and make donations or purchases. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

If you would like to visit my booth, specifically, the slurl is: