Fashion for Life 2012: It's time!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I am proud to tell you all that I participated in this year's Fashion for Life event by building the sim named Volta hosted by the wonderful designer Sonatta Morales. Harper Beresford was the host and organizer of Fashion for Life in 2012 and she relied on a team of many others who made this event possible. Please look for a list of the organizers at the bottom of this post and links to the Fashion for Life Event Blog and Info pages.

First off, I was a little scared by the size of the project, a whole sim build that needs to be completed in less than two weeks and a space that will house a big store and twenty four other smaller stores all built according to pre-determined standards and specs. It all seemed too limiting and stressful at first. However I believe it is good to challenge one's self from time to time and see what you're made off. So I jumped in and accepted Harper's kind invitation.

They placed me on the Future wing of the 9 sims arranged in the shape of a plus sign. Sonatta Morales with her vintage fashions seemed a strange pick for the future and I think she too wondered when she found out... until I saw her work and she saw mine. I do believe that Sonatta and I are a match made in heaven. I rezzed my heart out to make her the fashion temple she was worthy of and she did an incredible job adapting to the building and bringing her own flair, details, props and of course brand new designs for Fashion for Life 2012. I have never worked with another creative soul with so much happy cooperation and mutual understanding and respect. She is wonderful.

Now the other designers were also wonderful. I never had one designer complain. They all moved in quietly, set up their own presence in the shells I created for them and the outcomes -- the stores are just lovely. I will post the stores with designers moved in onto my flickr account shortly and have them displayed here. For today, I am only posting the slideshow with the empty stores ready for designers.

The concept of the sim was future as I said above. However I did not imagine an all metal, sterile or worse dirty and post apocalyptic future. I imagined a neo deco future ripe with details, proportions -- a medley of everything I consider to be good from the past.

The moon in the background is the planet Melancholia veering close to our planet but we never know whether it just grazed past us giving us wonderful views or if it is going to collide with this world of beauty. The earth's crust has become unstable, revealing ashes, magma glowing through under the walkways and around the edges of the sim. Who knows what the future of this planet will be but in the meantime it's a lovely place to be. That's what I had in my mind when I built Volta.

Fashion for life is about Fashion so ultimately this event is not about my build, it is about the stores within the build and the wonderful creative designers that give us the purpose for the build. So with no further ado here's the sim layout and designer list:

Dream Seeker Volta for Fashion For Life 2012 Designer List:
1. Virtual Impressions
2. Madison’s Creations
3. SIGMA Jewels
4. Sascha’s Designs
5. Kunglers
6. Eclectica
7. G Field
8. My Precious Fashion House
9. Mohna Lisa Couture
10. Akeruka
12. Miamai
13. Sonatta Morales
14. Kakia Designs
15. Styles of Edo
16. EarthStones
17. Orage Creations
18. Xen’s Hats
19. Felicia’s Fashions
20. Blacklace Lingerie
21. Donna Flora
22. ::je suis…::
23. J.H. Couture
24. Alpha Auer
25. Jador Fashion

Here is the slurl to teleport to Volta:

Here's a slideshow of the Volta sim in FLickr:

Here's a youtube clip of me flying around in Volta just before designers moved in:

Finally here's the credits for all the wonderful people that worked on this project:

Harper Beresford (harperberesford at

Designer Liaison:
Bonadea Avedon
Designer Liaison and Raffle Coordinator:
Anne Daumig

Building Lead:
Syngen Sohmers (syngensohmers at

Cory Edo
DB Bailey
Grace Loudon
Anoron Hanson
Frederick Lancaster
Cierra Anatine
Nigel Riel
Rathmeous Dagger
Roscko Cobalt
Troy Vogel

Cameron69 Resident
Dream Seeker Estates Liaison:
Samantha Ohrberg

ACS/RFL liaison:
Stingray9798 Raymaker (stingray9798 at

Harper Beresford (harperberesford at
Efforts and funds committed to FFL go to support American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life.  We are entirely volunteer driven and 100% of the funds raised are presented as a charitable donation to ACS from the residents of Second Life.

Full information about Fashion for Life 2012 can be accessed at:


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