Seeing Double: Odaesan House appears on another island in SL

Tuesday, June 30, 2009
I never know who will end up where in SL and what they will see and what they will think. So to kill any rumors before any start, I want to share the following with you.

The Odaesan House, the big mansion on Mission Home Store, is being cloned to Costa Del Mar island as a part of a new estate. The house will find new life as a social center, club, health spa, events venue, and leasing office. I am in charge of the replication process and I am also making some changes to the building to accommodate the functions it will house in the future.

The original Odaesan House is staying put and not going anywhere -- don't panic. I am also not planning to sell the house as a prefab in the future. I may from time to time clone it for an estate that really needs a structure of this kind. I will be very selective and there will be a fee involved for the custom installation.

The rationale behind not selling the house as a prefab is simple. This is a grand structure, it culminates close to 2500 - 3500 prims depending on the detailing preserved during a move. Such a structure also demands 2000-4000 prims just to do it justice with the interior furnishings. Add to that the landscaping etc and you get a whole sim's worth of prims. This is a tall order for most people.

I am approached frequently by wide eyed enthusiast who want to buy the Odaesan House only to have them quit after a couple of e mails when they find out about what they will need in terms of prims. While I love to meet people who are fans, you must understand that the constant process of answering questions, negotiating prices only to have people quit out on me every time is very depressing and a waste of my time.

For future reference, if you do not have at least 6000 prims to dedicate to the project please do not contact me about buying this house. I will never offer a boxed version of the house because the prefab boxing process does not work for a house this large -- it just does not make sense. I need to build it for you with prefabbed pieces so that it sits in the right place, is located at the right sim height, is placed correctly with respect to the water and so on.