New & Revised Bow Arm Chairs / Couch with 6 Poses, 24 prims!

Friday, April 24, 2009

I completely rebuilt the bow arm chairs and the couch to reduce the prims down to a meager 24 prims for the chairs. I included 6 poses without a poseball and a menu driven interface that lets you adjust the position of your avatar --- and here's the kicker: The chair WILL remember it next time you sit there again. It has a memory of up to 100 avatars.

I used sculpties for the cushions and some of the woodwork. I think you will find that it all works well with LOD, level of detail, optimizations SL has.

Oh yes before I forget, you can recolor the cushions as you like from the swatches I provide. The interface for cushion recoloring is nice and simple and unlike my previous furniture one click controls every cushion.

Please visit my store to pick up your copy today.

I insist that the sculpties I use match the quality of my prim work, this is why I have not been so forthcoming with adopting sculpties and working them into my items. Lately I have found items that I think are up to par and I am doing my best to bring you the best furniture with the least amount of prims possible...

I hope you like the new chairs and the couch.

And as always, thanks for being a supporter of the Mission Home Store Island.