Mission Home Store Sim Now Open!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

We have now moved to our own sim: Mission Home Store is the name. Easy enough to remember when you just need to get your mission style furniture and Troy Vogel Prefabs fix.

Current Store Address until November 30 2008:

New Store Location as of November 30 2008:

Mission Home Store Philosophy:
My building rationale and point of view can be summed up by one word: Quality.

If it does not look right, if it does perform well then it is not for sale, then it is not given out, then it is not even made public.

I build everything prim by prim, to look aesthetically pleasing in the SL rendering engine. I first build primmy prototypes and then refine the prim work until only the most essential prims are left behind and every opportunity for prim efficiency has been explored. Is my work still primmier than the rest? Of course it is; But you must admit the look and feel is also quite different.

I texture everything a single face at a time to make concrete look like concrete, to make wood look like it was quarter sawn from actual trees, to make fabrics wrap just right around the cushions.

A typical chair like the bow arm chairs that are Stickley replicas can take up to 8 hours of rezzing and texturing and additional cost of the top of the line animations and sit scripts I use.

My philosophy as a builder is forever remaining in quest of that perfect balance between primmy and texture heavy builds. I think builds should look like real things; This is why it is very important not to overdo the textures.

I have lately employed the use of sculpties in my furniture as well as huge prims in my prefabs to still bring you the Troy Vogel quality you've come to expect in a lower prim footprint.

I am also bringing you the best in SL animations with each item providing at least 2-3 animations and poseball-less sit scripts that allow you to adjust your position, angle using menu driven easy to use interface that actually remembers your settings in future visits up to 100 users.

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Finally I would like to thanks all my customers and fans who have made it possible for me to keep motivated despite all the changes Second Life is going through. Your support means the world to me.

I also would like to thank friends such as Zachh Kale, Juana Manuel, Gayle Cabaret and a dear friend, mentor, critique and prim master Barnesworth Anubis.