New Ideas for What to Build

Friday, March 19, 2010
I would like to reach out to the Mission Home Community and ask you to make some suggestions as to what I should build next. I would like to build more furniture for the store. I have some ideas but before I get started I wanted to check your pulse and see if you had any suggestions or things you absolutely need and haven't found at my store.

Please send all suggestions to: steelskyblue (at) gmail (dot) com.

Sagittarius Prefab Available for Sale!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sagittarius Prefab was created as a part of the SL Pro Build off competition. Unlike most of my other prefabs it was built in a very short period of time: 3-5 days.

It represents the culmination of several years of work in SL as well as the journey I have taken from Frank Lloyd Wright to a style that I can call my own.

This prefab is a sign of things to come from the Troy Vogel Enterprise in SL.

I hope you like it.

It is available for purchase at an incredibly low price of L$1000, roughly 4 US dollars.

To see it in world, teleport to: Home Store/128/128/16

Claimed my Linden Home

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I decided that there's no point in turning down land that I can own for free and a house I can choose that will not count towards the prims on the lot. So I caved in and selected a Linden home yesterday.

To read more about Linden Homes go to the LL Blog

If you are a premium member you already should have received an e mail with the link that lets you sign up and claim your home. I had to dig around a bit to find mine as I disregard most e mails from LL.

There are four distinct styles to choose from and when you make your choice in style, you're given four variations in that style. Once you make your choice, a few things happen in the background and then Governor Linden offers your avatar a landmark to your new home. It's that easy.

Here are the sims with the Linden Homes:
  • Elderglen (the main fantasy themed infohub)
  • Fern (to see the fantasy themed houses)
  • Batry Park (to see meadowbrook, the california modern area)
  • Buckeye (to see tahoe, the A frame log cabin theme)
  • Kagero (to see the Japanese themed regions)

Overall the homes are well built, very low prim, professionally done but still a little newby for my taste. I did not like the California modern style although most people would think I would have chosen that.

Instead I picked one of the Elderglen fantasy homes, one with several circles coalesced together. I saw a modern design in the bones of this building and saw an interior space that would hold up my design point of view while remaining quite discreet from the outside.

I must admit the homes are packed in real close so no extended prim yiffing for anyone. You have to be careful about conversations be they text chat or voice chat.

Still it is nice to have a private place where I can hide and hang out with a friend or two from time to time.

I am infamous for being overly-critical and demanding but I must say for Linden Lab, this was a step in the right direction -- however a little late. I think with time these estates can be improved and look less like the projects of SL.

When LL enters a market like the prefabs, and estate management it always creates waves in the economy. I just hope that the waves this move creates is more in the way of creating a demand for furniture (as the prims of the house do not count towards the 117) you can have on your lot.

Here are some pictures of my Linden Home. I used my own Metaverse Collection to furnish it, not only because I think it suits the setting but also because the Metaverse Collection was built for starter lots and I wanted to prove that you COULD furnish an entire starter home with this collection and save on prims.

I hope you like what I did with my new Linden Home.